"The Amazing Mosquito Bridge Secret"

Paddleboat Spider is a sample page spread from the book titled
The Amazing Mosquito Bridge Secret,
written and illustrated by Jane Beecher Scott.

This artwork is from an antique Polaroid camera.
The images have been manipulated by hand before the
emulsion set up in order to create unique
Impressionist-painting effects.

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Book Cover Art

Inside the book, The Amazing Mosquito Bridge Secret,
are multiple spreads of images from historic Stillwater, Minnesota.

The images illustrate a creative and scientifically accurate tale
about a wise little mosquito in a quaint little rivertown who one-by-one
talks her many natural predators from chimney swifts and whippoorwills to
feed mill bats into moving across the river to live happily ever after..

It's a lesson in science and life that's designed to delight
young and old readers alike.