Stillwater Lift Bridge

Stillwater, Minnesota's Historic Lift Bridge is the home of the
Paddleboat Spider, according to a book titled
"The Amazing Mosquito Bridge Secret"
by Jane Beecher Scott

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Stillwater Historic Courthouse

Stillwater's Historic Courthouse is the oldest in Minnesota,
having been constructed in 1868 by Augustus F. Knight, the
first resident architect in nearby St. Paul, Minnesota.

In addition to originally being the county courthouse, the building
with its period cupola and distinctive Italianate facade has
also served as an arts center and hosted many
picturesque and memorable weddings and special events.

According to the book "The Amazing Mosquito Bridge Secret"
by Jane Beecher Scott, Stillwater is also home to nighthawks, whippoorwills,
chimney swifts and barn swallows who frequent the old courthouse..
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Feed Mill and Streetcar

Stillwater had the first electric steet cars in Minnesota in 1889. Now
visitors can hop on an updated version and see the town, go past the towering
Feed Mill, and take a tour down Main Street.

According to "The Amazing Mosquito Bridge Secret",
at night Feed Mill bats can be seen sweeping the sky for mosquitoes. "Bats are
merciless hunters that use echolocation to home-in and snatch food on the fly.
A brown bat can eat nearly a thousand mosquitoes each night."

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Church Steeples

Stillwater's many church towers and steeples represent various denominations
and pierce the historic rivertown skyline. This image is a digital composite of a church
on Third Street looking south that has been converted into condominiums.

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Old Abandoned Prison Building

This Stillwater landmark sat next to the Warden's House north on
Main Street. Unfortunately it was accidentally burned down only a few days
after artist Jane Beecher Scott created this eerie image.

In the book "The Amazing Mosquito Bridge Secret" it says that at the prison,
"Just before dawn, mosquitoes munch on an [elderberry] bush's sweet
honeydew left by insects the night before."

The state penitentiary was built in Battle Hollow, the site of an earlier, epic encounter
between the Sioux and Chippewa Indians.

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